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We are Sinom

The idea for this tool was born at Chalmers University of Technology. We wanted to find a smart way to deal with the challenges that exist in the real estate industry today. On the one hand, we are in the middle of a transformation of the Swedish property stock and a large part of our properties need to be renovated to make them more energy efficient and maintain a high standard. We also need to take care of our climate now more than ever. With these challenges as a starting point, Sinom was created – a data-driven and climate-smart planning tool for effective maintenance planning and property management. 

Visualiseringsflöde över digitalt verktyg för underhållsplanering och fastighetsunderhåll


We saw a great need to find better solutions for the systems used to plan renovations and maintenance of properties. Today, much is still done manually and short-term, and it is difficult to reach energy and climate goals with sometimes limited resources. We want our tool to make it easy, sustainable and cost-effective to plan and carry out property maintenance and renovations. So that we can create prosperous properties together.

Sustainable future

Our Vision

At Sinom, we strive to revolutionize property management by offering intelligent and sustainable solutions for maintenance planning. Our mission is to simplify and streamline the process for property owners, managers, and consultants through the innovative use of data-driven technology. We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire maintenance planning process, from inventorizing and inspection to planning and follow-up.

Hållbar framtid

SINOM tar underhålls- och renoveringsplanering till en helt ny nivå.”

-Olof Peterson

Teknikchefen på Aranäs Fastigheter

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Our Blog

Here we publish everything new that happens at Sinom, including blog posts about how we work with climate-smart property management and maintenance to reach global sustainability goals.