Data driven maintenance planning in four step

With Sinom's data-driven planning tool, you easily create long-term, sustainable and cost-effective plans for the renovation and maintenance of your properties. Plans that are also adapted to energy and climate goals. You get a clear overview while saving time, money and protecting the environment.

Översikt som visar kostnader och åtgärder i system för fastighetsunderhåll


Make an assessment of the current status

In order to get accurate forecasts and planning, the right data is needed – basic building data, energy data and current property inspections. The tool is easy to use and helps make the inspection process easier with smart import and completion functions.

Grafer och diagram över åtgärdskostnader i system för fastighetsunderhåll

See different scenarios for maintenance and renovations

Based on your imported data, you can quickly obtain different maintenance and renovation plans for a component, building or entire portfolio. These forecasts include everything from maintenance costs, component status and energy and CO2 emissions.

Diagram och översikt över optimering och uppdateringar i digitalt verktyg för underhållsplanering

Let the tool optimize and update your plans automatically

The tool updates your maintenance plans automatically when you do new property inspections or receive changed costs. You can also customize existing plans based on new priorities, goals or needs.

Diagram över åtgärder och kostnader i system för fastighetsunderhåll

Follow up on completed actions with the help of a clear overview

Through a clear overview and action plan directly in the tool, you can easily follow up on implemented measures.