Work systematically towards the global sustainability goals together with Sinom

We work for well-maintained properties and a better world

We live in a society where many of our resources are not used sustainably. While it is disappointing, it is above all motivating for us to continue driving Sinom in a direction that not only does good for properties and property owners, but for society as a whole. Here you can read more about how we at Sinom work towards the global sustainability goals and how you as a property owner can help.

We at Sinom work for:

  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • Combat climate change

What does Sinom do that contributes to a better world?

Buildings account for almost a quarter of the total energy demand and emissions of greenhouse gases in Sweden - that's a lot! We are facing major changes at the same time as there are more and more guidelines regarding climate and energy targets. Our climate-smart digital tool helps you plan and manage this challenge when you need to weigh different values against each other such as resources and climate. For us, it is also important to have sustainable and long-term planning of property maintenance, while at the same time ensuring that you can reach your environmental and climate goals. In the Sinom planning tool, we include energy and climate targets, which leads to efficient property management and a positive impact on the environment. Of course, there are also a number of advantages for you who work with maintenance planning as the tool is also completely data-driven, you can read more about data-driven maintenance planning here.

Hållbar utveckling

What is a sustainability goal?

In 2015, UN member states adopted an ambitious plan called Agenda 2030, also known as the global goals for sustainable development. These focus on social, economic and environmental sustainability. The aim is to achieve the following by 2030:

  • End extreme poverty,
  • Reduce inequalities and injustices in the world,
  • promote peace and justice
  • and solve the climate crisis.

The above points are then divided into 17 global goals, which in turn are divided into 169 sub-goals. The global goals are a common plan for how we create a better and more sustainable world for everyone.

We are convinced that everyone can do their part and that you should do what you do best. We at Sinom know real estate and have a firm grasp of all its components. Communities can become more sustainable by not replacing maintenance components on properties when it is not necessary, and by making smart choices when replacing components that are adapted to the environment in which we live.

Sustainable maintenance planning

Maintenance plans that are handwritten and put away in a pile of paper or that are drawn up in an excel sheet are not a sustainable nor wise way of working with property maintenance planning. It often requires a lot of resources to look after and, moreover, it is very difficult to carry out calculations on how to best manage the maintenance of properties based on both financial and environmental aspects.

Sinom helps you answer the following questions with data about the property and research-based algorithms:

  1. What action needs to be taken?
  2. When does it need to be done?
  3. What does it cost?
  4. How do we do it with the least possible impact on the climate?

Which sustainability goals does Sinom focus on?

We are passionate about facilitating and improving property maintenance for the earth we all find ourselves on. Having said that, we are primarily focused on working towards three of the global goals.

Energieffektiv renovering

Goal # 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Urban areas and growing cities naturally create fantastic opportunities as well as great stresses on the ecosystem, which place greater and greater demands on property owners, not least when it comes to sustainable urban development. It is becoming increasingly important with sustainable construction and sustainable planning, which is our biggest focus. Not replacing components that are fully functional does no one any good – neither the property, the property owner nor the environment.

Goal # 12 - Sustainable consumption and production

The natural resources we have had and have access to, we have not used or managed responsibly. The consequence of this is that our planet cannot cope with the consumption we have. This has led to the need to reduce the ecological footprint and think about how and what we consume.

It is certainly a necessity to change to a more sustainable consumption in order to reduce climate and environmental impact. But it does not only provide environmental benefits - think of the many other benefits that sustainable consumption contributes to in the social and economic spectrum - such as increased competitiveness. With a climate-smart maintenance plan more than the property's components and its lifetime are taken into account – also environmental and energy needs.

Goal # 13 - Combat climate change

Most people probably agree that climate change is frightening. Due to, for example, emissions of greenhouse gases and environmental degradation due to overconsumption continue to rise, which in turn leads to continued global warming. The consequences of that are many, including severe consequences for the ecosystem at large. 

There can be a long list of work to be done on a property. By offering a service like Sinom, we ensure that window replacements, roof replacement, facade renovation, maintenance of ventilation systems and other components are not repaired or replaced unnecessarily and that wise choices are made.

Do you want to work sustainably with us?

Sinom is a completely data-driven tool that plans property maintenance and at the same time takes care of our planet. We believe that creating a maintenance plan should be simple, and in Sinom you collect all property data in one place - from inspection reports and energy declarations to previous measures and costs. Based on your data, our research-based algorithms, and taking energy and climate goals into account, you get a long-term plan for efficient property management. You can compare different outcomes based on costs and energy needs before making a decision. Let the tool guide you and automatically update and optimize your plans and see the effect on the environment and costs immediately when you adjust planned actions. Curious about how the tool works? Here you get a quick overview data-driven maintenance planning in four steps.

Our digital system for property maintenance and maintenance plans not only gives you an overview of maintenance needs, you also get an overview of costs for maintenance and renovations and can plan your finances long-term based on that. Surely that's smart?

Do you want to join the journey towards a more sustainable society while saving time and money? Book a demo then we'll show you how in just 10 minutes or contact us here for more information!



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