Collect all property data in one place and make smarter decisions with Sinom

Do you want your properties to become more energy efficient? Save time and costs when you maintain and renovate your property portfolio? Avoid working with manual plans in Excel?

With Sinom, planning becomes both data-driven and climate-smart. Here you collect all property data in one place and let the tool do the rest. Let Sinom do the work while you focus on making smarter decisions - both financially and environmentally.


Sinom's unique algorithm is revolutionizing the real estate industry's maintenance planning by using advanced models to predict the lifespan of building components, calculate buildings' energy needs, climate impact and life cycle costs. By creating and comparing thousands of scenarios, the algorithm identifies the most optimal plan that takes into account the property's specific needs. This helps property owners and managers make informed decisions and prioritize actions that improve the building's lifespan, financial return and environmental performance. Discover how Sinom's ground-breaking algorithm can support your decision-making and contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective property management.
inspektionsdata, rapporter, kostnader och fastighets underhållsdokumentation


All property data in one place

Gather all property data in one place. Inspection reports, energy declarations, costs and much more. You get a hub for all documentation regarding property maintenance and renovations - both forward and backward in time.

Unique visualizations for better decision support

Compare different plans and scenarios before making a decision. Adjust a planned action in the tool and evaluate the effect directly on costs and energy performance. Make smarter decisions based on the right data.

Follow up on energy and climate targets effectively

Get an overview of the property's energy and climate goals. See forecasts on energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in the planning stage and easily follow up the effect of various measures on the climate and environment.


Manage and create plans at all levels

Create and manage maintenance plans at the level you need – component, property or entire portfolio. See the impact on costs and energy performance directly in the tool when you adjust planned actions, regardless of the level you are looking at.


Always relevant data

Let the tool handle updates and optimization of your plans automatically. Access relevant data anytime, anywhere. Costs, budget, energy and climate goals are optimized directly in the tool.

From the broad perspective down to the detail level

Stay up to date with a clear overview and drill down when you need to. See detailed data right down to the component level – planned actions, current status, costs or history.